Monday, October 1, 2012


Esperanza is a new girl Kozol introduces.  She is very quiet but tells Kozol a lot about her without him even asking.  Shes very different too.  She first tells Kozol that she does not know what her fathers name is but later on tells him her fathers name.Esperanza I think, like a lot of other children, are shy at first but when they begin to get comfortable they can relax and tell all there emotions and feelings and usually touch the grown ups hearts because of how innocent and sweet children usually are.


  1. i agree with you about the children they are shy at first but like you said when they get to know you they will tell you everything even without us asking them.

  2. I think you're right about the innocence and shyness in children. but when they open up the way they do to Kozol, it really can affect the outlook an adult can have about that child, which is just what happened with Esperanza.

  3. I agree that most children are shy at first and after talking to you alittle bit they open up more and become more comfortable about being themselves.


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