Monday, October 8, 2012

The Hobart Shakespearians

The documentary made me feel like even in a bad environment, you can still have a chance. I think those children are lucky to have a teacher like Rafe. I liked how he taught the children sacrifice. I think that a lot of people make some poor decisions in life because they don't know how to make an understandable sacrifice, like the children with their TV's. Knowing how to make sacrifices can help if you have to live at the bear minimum of everything and still not get overwhelmed. I also liked how he gave the children opportunities that other children in similar neighborhoods wouldn't get. He takes the children to different places like Washington D.C. so they can see places outside of their regular lives. Rife said 'the children eat at nice restaurants and stay in nice hotels to show the children what they are working for.' It made me sad when their was a shooting out in front of the school and the children thought it was normal, they didn't react when they heard there was a shooting, they wondered why they couldn't go home.
My personal goal within the next year is to finish off my first year in school with good enough grades and to be able to get enough scholarships to not need a loan next year to pay for school.


  1. I also thought that Mr. Rafe showing them something to work towards in life is a good idea.

  2. I also thought it was shocking how the children reacted to the shooting. It's sad that they've gone through that so many times that they're used to it.

  3. I also liked how he took the children to D.C. and other places. I think that it is a good experience to see things first hand and not just read about them in a text book.

  4. Teaching the children how to sacrifice the non-productive activities in their life and focus on working on the plays went a long way towards providing them with a strong work ethic. Totally agree.


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