Monday, October 15, 2012

Jornal 7

As a writer, Sandra Cisneros strong point in writing is her use of metaphors and similes.  When she uses them it allows her readers to be able to visualize the scene better in their minds.  On page 20 in The House on Mango Street Cisnero's tells about Esperanza and Nenny when they go in Gill's Furniture store.  Nenny spots a music box.  When the owner starts the music box up, Cisnero's describes it as,"It's like all of the sudden he let go a million moths all over the dusty furniture and swan neck shadows and in our bones.  It's like drops of water.  Or like marimbas only with a funny little plucked sound to it like if you were running your fingers across the teeth of a metal comb."  The theme that stands out to me the most is how Esperanza first viewed her new house on Mango Street.  At first she hated it and thought it was a piece of crap.  Now she thinks its a piece of crap but she has grown to accept it as a piece of her childhood that she will never forget and will always be in her heart and when she leaves she will one day come back.

An educational factor that effects a lot of kids today is the technological factors.  Many students come from poor families who cant afford to send them to wealthy, technological advanced schools.  At Bronzevilles Scholastic Institute there are only 24 computers which are slow and not advanced for the thousands of students who attend here.  At my school, there were at least one computer for each student to use whenever they wanted.  I couldn't have imagined now not having computers available for use whenever I wanted to use one.  I know how negatively this would have affected my learning not to have computers like what the students are facing now at Bronzevilles and many other schools throughout the world.
A very technologically advanced class with a computer for each student
African school with zero technology, which will affect their advancement in learning dramatically.

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