Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Journal 7 - Cisneros + Research

Sandra Cisneros does some of the most honest writing I've ever came acrossed and read. The way she details things and scenes is just great because she makes you feel as if you were there with her experiencing her real life experiences, some of which were funny, scary, uplifting, and upsetting. A major theme that stands out to me with Cisneros is how much of a writer-poet she really is. She uses similies, metaphors, and lots more hroughout her entire writings. She switches up scenes and moods perfect. I enjoyed reading The house on Mango Street.

An educational or social factor that I think really influences the performaces of children in school is definetly found within their home life. Each individuals home life can greatly impact educational skills and progress. From money issues to parental support, it can make a difference between a childs success or failure in life. A lot grow up to be what they grew up around. A child usually first learns to talk, read, and start to write with their parents, at least I did. Most parents would read stories to their child before bed at an early age or even teach them how to spell and write their first name, so around kindergarten time, they are pre-pared. Some children may not get half the attention others do at home, and thats not the child to blame or have suffer the consequence. These kind of kids will  most likely have difficulty catching on to things quickly, or pronouncing words correctly. Every child needs and deserves a healthy relationship, with at least one parent.
For example, here is a photo of a healthy relationship...


  1. I agree Cisneros has a way with words, I said in mine that I also liked how she worded her stories where some parts of her writing would flow and sound so sweet like poetry. Her word choice is remarkable because you really go feel like you are experiencing with her what she experienced. My big education factor was funding and the community but I do believe that home life plays a really big role in a child's education.

  2. I also talked about the child's home life as a major factor. It's really important for children to get the help they need at home as well as in class.

  3. I agree, I feel that children need lots attention at home especially when they are younger. if there is no one at home that cares about how they do in school then the child is not going to try and affects there performance.


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