Monday, September 24, 2012

The Interrupters

          A lot of neighborhoods have an influence on the children and how they grow up. This particular neighborhood has a very negative impact on the children. Many said "we don't like it" when asked how they felt about violence and fighting in their neighborhood. Another student cried while telling a story about someone getting shot. Another student, mentions how he is worried about a younger cousin getting shot and killed because of how he behaves in and out of school.
            I personally like the tactics the interrupters used because it really made an impact on many lives. They helped people who never thought they'd get help. They even helped people who didnt want help to begin with because they were so messed up in the head and with their life. They helped some get a job, which they'd never had before. Some were even taken out for lunch or to get their nails done because they'd never experienced these things before. Many of the teenagers they delt with had to grow up soon and raise themselves and siblings because of their enviornment at home. And the interrupters can relate to them this way very well.

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