Monday, October 8, 2012

Journal 6: The Hobart Shakespearians

The Hobart Shakespearian film was a wonderful documentary on minority children in the classroom.  The teacher was so into his job, that it made the kids more passionate and interested in learning.  This film really made me think about how lucky these children are to have a school like this compared to a lot of the schools other minorities attend, but still the town has many problems outside the school including crimes which can affect the children dramatically.  The children in this film though seem strong willed and get through problems because of how much support there teacher gives. 

One method the teacher uses that seemed most effective was acting out what the children read.  When doing this, this allows the children to have fun but also have a great understanding a visual experience of what their reading.  Another method was getting the children out of the classroom and explore whats on the outside.  Taking the children to Washington D.C. allowed the children to learn the history and culture of America in a fun, interesting way and what better way to do that than taking them to the countries capitol.  He also took them to University of South California, a very prestigious college, and showed them how if they work hard they can go there and live life to the fullest.

A direct quote I really liked was,"Hard work matters, character matters even more."  I liked this quote because its very powerful in its own way.  This quote means working hard always matters to be successful, but if you have bad character the hard work doesn't matter because without good character you aren't enjoying or putting full effort into whatever it is your doing.

A personal goal I have for next is to go to main campus, get an apartment with one of my buddies, and continue to strive for my degree in Mechanical Engineering.   


  1. I think that children having fun is very important. I also think that one of the best things that the teacher did was to get his students out of their town. He showed them what they could have, they just had to work for it, he showed them that where they live now isn't the only place in the country they can live. I also like your quote, i think that your work ethic matters but it can only get you so far, how you are as a person helps you get along in life especially when paired with your hard work. I hope you achieve your goal, mine was to make good grades.

  2. The fact that these children happened to get Rafe as a teacher rather than many of the other teachers or schools in the area, I would consider them lucky. I think you're right about Rafe's passion for teaching. It definitely makes the kids more interested.


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