Sunday, October 14, 2012

Journal 7

  I think that Sandra Cisneros does a nice job of providing metaphors and setting up images in your head to really get the feel of how her life was as a child. An example of this is 21, to get an image of how big the dog was Cisneros says, "The dog is big,like a man dressed in a dog suit, and runs the same way its owner does, clumsy and wild and with the limbs flopping all over the place like untied shoes."  The idea that stood out to me the most is toward the end of the book, the chapter Red Clowns.  I think that this chapter would have been really hard to write because it takes her her back to a time she most likely tries not to think about.  I think this was an important chapter to have in the book, because the idea ged it in the chapter was a major event in her life that changed her forever.

I believe a major educational factor that really influences children is their home life, and environment that surrounds them.  It's proven that even reading to your child can affect them.  A parent who is involved in their child's life has a better chance of their child getting good grades and  bee=ing disciplined. A parent that works a lot of away from home, their child most likely misbehaves and preforms poorly in schoool. This happens more in single parent homes.  Parents should set high goals for their children making them want to learn. If a child is in a home where his/her parents don't care how their child preforms in school, that child isn't going to want to care either.  They will also think school isn't important, but really it's almost the most important think in their life.  A parent that lets their child live in front of the television for long hours can affect a child's abilityto learn.  Children need to be pushed in their life to reach success.  Having a good home life environment allows children to ask their parents for help when needed, instead of blowing off the work and failing.

A mother reading her daughter a book at home


  1. I liked her use of metaphors, her descriptions weren't straight forward but you could imagine everything that she saw. A child's home life is very important. I know that if my parents wouldn't have drilled me and pushed me to do well in school that I wouldn't have made it to where I currently am. I think that if my parents would have understood what I was learning and was more able to help me through school, I would have more of a passion for school.

  2. I agree with home life being an important factor. It's important for parents to be involved in the child's education and to help further them.

  3. I think that a parent setting goals for their children would be a good tool for helping the children want to learn and do better in school.


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