Saturday, October 13, 2012

Journal 7 and Research

I think that Sandra Cisneros does a good job of making things pop out and gives you a good visual of what’s going on in the book. The use of lots of similes and metaphors help with this. An example of this is on page four when Esperanza is describing Mango Street and says “The house on Mango Street is not the way they told it at all. It’s small and red with tight steps in front and windows so small you’d think they were holding their breath. Bricks are crumbling in places, and the front door is so swollen you have to push hard to get in.” This shows how she can make her writing stand out and you can really picture it. An idea that stood out to me as I finished the book was just be content with where you are and what you have. The house you live in is not that big of a deal and it is still “home” even if it’s not your dream home.

An educational or social factor that I think influences children in school is the number of children in each class. Class size plays a key role in children’s learning at school. I feel that the smaller class sizes give children more one on one time with the teacher and not just lost in the crowed. This allows them to ask more questions and become more involved in the class. There are lots of different views on this subject and people that are for and against it. I but really think this influences children’s learning in school.

This picture shows children working in a smaller group 


  1. I liked how Cisneros could make you visualize what see went through and saw. She could make you feel how she felt. I think that large class sizes have an influence. I don't really have any experience with an unreasonable class size but I understand that if you have too many children in a class that not all of the children that need help will get it.

  2. Class size is a huge factor. It's important for children to be in smaller class sizes to get the one on one help they need.

  3. There was always a high temptation for me to not participate in classes I took with high student levels in high school. When you are in a small group it almost forces you to participate in discussions and therefor pay attention so you aren't embarrassed repeatedly by not knowing an answer to a question when you are called on.

  4. In high school, when there were large number of people in my class i would slack a little because it wasn't noticeable but when the class was smaller there was more attention towards me so i had to stay focused. Kids have even less attention span of a high school student so a big class of kids equals kids goofing off and not paying attention at all because no attention is payed to them.


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