Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Example of research link and caption

I did some research on the idea of using prescription drugs in the classroom, and I found a TON of information about his subject.  It seems to be a topic people really have a hard time agreeing upon.  Many claim it is a big help in the classroom, yet at the same time almost everyone has the notion that these drugs can be overused or can serve as a crutch for students who are simply not doing very well in school.

This link shows a photo slide show about a family where the father and mother did not have ADHD but the children seem to all have it.  It gives an insight into the struggles of the family and their hopes and dreams.  Here is the link

Here is a picture that goes with the subject, and the caption to explain what is going on in the picture or how it relates. 

Amanda Rocafort and her son Quintn in Woodstock, Ga. Quintn takes the medication Risperdal.

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