Monday, October 1, 2012


I think it's weird that Esperanza said she didn't know her fathers name.  It was pretty shocking when she first said that she had to leave with her mom instead of her father leaving because there could be many reasons for that unlike most of the kids who's fathers are in jail.  She still talks to her father on the phone, and he sent her a music box to play when she gets sad.  Her mom has a new boyfriend and Esperanza doesn't like him because she has to make his breakfast.  I think Esperanza is really sad because she doesn't want a new dad and she wants to meet her real one.

"The teacher seems to have evaporated as a presence in the room.  It's an odd situation.  sSomeone from the office is in front with her again, bent down beside her desk.  Children don't get up and move around the room and chat with me in classes in which the teachers exercise authority.  Only when the teacher tells the children that it's time to line up for dismissal is her presence in the classroom reestablished" (Kozol 226).  I chose this passage because it shows how little the teacher gets involved with the students, and how different it makes their classes compared to ones with teachers how have authority over their kids.


  1. It is kind of strange how at first she told him that she didnt know her fathers name. Also it is at first kind of an awkward situation

  2. Yeah I think that it’s sad how the teachers don’t interact with the kids as much as they should. I think that it would make a big difference on the kids if the teacher was more involved.

  3. It makes the school look like a detention center more than a school. Just letting the children do whatever they want.

  4. I agree with Mitch's comment, if the teachers were more involved the kids would probably be more motivated to learn.


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