Monday, October 1, 2012


After Kozols day at PS 65, he remembers how Esperanza told him a lot of things and in detail, including how she made pancakes for her moms boyfriend.  What stood out was when she described the pancake as it was cooking and watching for the bubbles.  Kozol says "she took a detailed pleasure in describing that to me, and little bits of detailed pleasure are what much of life is made of for the children when they're happy, and the medicine for pain when they are not." This stood out to me because of how Kozol said "the medicine of pain when they are not." This is a great metaphor and is saying that for these children to forget about pain and sorrow is to tell others stories into great detail, allowing them to release there pain and sorrow.


  1. This stood out to me to how she described cooking the pancakes. I would have not expected so much detail from someone so young.

  2. I never really caught that in the chapter but that is pretty great. Esperanza did tell her story without the pain so she could tell Kozol. It is amazing what children are able to do.


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