Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Hobart Shakespearians

The movie we watched was The Hobart Shakespearians and it was about a teacher who buy the way is known throughout America a teacher who taught in a pretty bad neighborhood to a bunch of Asian and Latino students.  He took them on trips to like Washington and I believe Virginia and took them to two different monuments the Washington monument and the Roosevelt monument. They also did a Shakespeare play Macbeth and they practiced it and they performed it in front of their family and friends. They also had a couple of famous people come and talk to them about the play and what it meant to them.
     The film made me think about how one man in a school full of Asian and Latino students who grew up in a bad neighborhood and just wasn’t a good place for them to grow up and he turned it around and made them think about what they want to do in life after school and that a lot of them want to finish school. It made me also think that anything can happen when you work hard and go with what you think is right. Hopefully that all teachers look at this and realize that even though the kids are in bad neighborhoods and they don’t always act the best that any teacher can change the students life just by doing stuff for them and teaching them things that are good in life.
     Some methods that he used are he made the class fun for them but when it needed to be serious he made it serious. When his students didn’t do their homework he punished them. Also if the students were speaking when someone else was speaking he would tell them that its wrong to talk when someone else is talking. Another method he used was with the fake money. When they wanted to get something at the end of the year the money they saved up they could get some cool stuff like a guitar or anything else that they had. Also if the kids did something bad or good they got rewarded with money or they got money taken from them. Also they took money if they had homework that was late or not done.
     A personal goal that I have for the next year is to own my own house and property. I was recently married so the next step for us would be to get a house for us to live in. That is my goal for the next year just like the kids had goals to finish school or stay away from drugs or anything that they wanted to do with their  life after school. 

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