Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hobart Shakespearians

Hobart Shakespearians was so moving for me. I was so surprised at how intelligent the kids were in Rafe's class. They knew a lot of things I didn't even know. They were able to name all 37 of Shakespears writings. I could name about five. That is so shocking to me. Rafe was so interactive with the kids. The fact that he put in so much effort with the kids, and worked with them on Saturday really shows character. Rafe taking them on trips to Washington D.C. and Virginia is just over the top. That could possibly be the only time those kids get out L.A.

Two pedigogical approaches I noticed in the film that really stand out to be effective are assertive but to be equal with the children. Rafe wanted the three kids who were cheating to know that they did something wrong, but he didn't want to embarrass them in front of their peers. A second style i noticed was him being interactive with the kids. His teaching went beyond the classroom. He was with the kids on Saturday's and during their holiday break. He went out of his way to really show the kids what the real world is like. I also really liked the idea of the money in the classroom. I thought that was such a brilliant way to give the kids insight of what it's going to be like in the real world. Out of all of the things Rafe said and taught the kids, the one thing that really got to me was when he said "If you weep when it's over, I have taught you nothing. This is not over, this is the beginning".

A personal goal for me in the next year is to get house on main campus with friends. and I would like to stop fighting with my brother.

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