Monday, October 1, 2012

Chapter 17

in chapter 17 jonathon kozol went to visit pineapple's school again. he also talks about a another person like himself named robert coles and that kozol likes this guy because even after a long period of time he still goes back and talks to the this chapter we also meet a little girl named esperenza. she told kozol about her dad and other questions that she decided to tell him. i though tthe theme was good there wasnt to much goin gon just alot of talking and meeting with esperenza and pineapple. the quote i used was at the end of the chapter when kozol says " she doesnt belabor things like this. she says what needed to be said; the she moves on to something else. basically pinneapple will tell you how she feels and how it is then she doesnt sit and continue with it she just forgets it and moves on.

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  1. I also enjoyed Pineapple's matter-of-fact personality.


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