Monday, October 1, 2012

Chapter 16

We were introduced to Benjamin in Chapter 16.  Benjamin seems like a really quiet and easy going kid. He is the oldest of the group and I think he is really concerned about the other child.  I noticed this because when Damian was telling the story about how he was almost kidnapped, Benjamin paid close attention to the story.  Benjamin has a difficultly in learning, but then you have Damian who is very smart.  Also in this chapter it says that P.S 30 has the highest math and reading scores in their district, but they are still low compared to the suburbs children.  A theme I saw in this chapter was caring. Benjamin cares about the other children, Miss Rosa, Jonathan, Katrice, and Mother Martha care about all the students.  The quote I liked the best is " There are a number of ways to break  the will of those who have a fleeting notion of escaping from the destinies a social order seems to have in store for them.  Attrition and confusion and misinformation and alleged computer errors are a few of many ways in which the sequestration of these children is achieved.  Some of the children from St. Ann's escape these patterns now and then; having a pastor who was once a litigator helps them to kick down a couple of these doors.  It's too selective, though.  It calls for too much elbowing, to much manipulation, and too much last-minute intervention.  It's no the way a fair-minded society should function."   I like this because I felt that after being given the facts that 1,900 students are enrolled in Morris High and 1,200 of them are in the ninth-grade, they struggle getting kids  further their education.  That its hard to make them go to school, and want to get a diploma.Also, it shows that the people around them have little faith in the children and they believe that they will be going no where in their lives.


  1. That statistic of having 1900 students and only about 65 of those kids actually getting diplomas is an extermely low number of kids being able to get they education that they deserve.

  2. I like the quote that you used. It really shows how hard the children's lives are, they are presented with option but not given any that they could achieve. I agree with you also when you said that Benjamin cared about the other children, if he didn't then he wouldn't have sat down just to hear Damian's story

  3. its ridiculous with all those stats knowing only 65 of of 1900 kids graduate and how the class sizes are so big for one teacher to handle


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