Monday, October 15, 2012

Journal 7

what i think sandra cisneros does best in her book The House on Mango Street is that she uses metaphors in there a bunch and she does a very good job in useing them metaphors in a right spot. a good example of that would be in the beginning almost pg 6. the chapter hairs. she says my fathers hair is like a broom it stands straight up. some themes that stood out to me were the whole ook was about her life and in it she made alot of different friends through out her book.

what i think influences kids in doing there school work or anything else following school is the parents. i think that if the parents are involved in there kids school work and there school the kids will have a better chance of getting good grades and possibly graduateing. if the parents are involved in the kids homework they will make sure the kids get it done and get it done right. helping them so they understand it. if the kids didnt have there parents in there to help them the kids might not care to do it or to pay attention about it and it could possibly lead them to drop out of school or something else thats bad.

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