Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Journal 6

I was really surprise at what Rafe does for his classes. I was really surprised when the kids were reading Shakespeare and these other books that they read which i wouldn't read until high school. He also puts alot of effort into these kids not only with teaching but with taking them on trips and hosting parties and buying them gifts.

Some pedagogical approaches that I saw in the film was when he interacted with these kids. He took these kids onto trip and held a party which able him to get more in touch with the kids. Another approach he did was when he used the currency system. This allowed him to not only teach them about a life lesson that you need to now but it prepared them for when they grew up. One quote that he said that really stuck with me was when he said "This is not over, this is the beginning".

My personal goal right now is to figure out what kid of career i will be doing in my life.

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