Monday, October 8, 2012

Journal 6

The film made me think about when I was back in grade school and growing up. It made me feel like the kids had a great environment to learn in with a teacher that cared a lot about the success of the children.  The two most effective methods that Rife used were how he had a “hands on” learning approach. An example is when he had the whole class learn how to play guitar. Another method that I thought was effective was the passion that Rife had for teaching and the kids saw this and wanted to learn. Rife said “You have to be the person you want the children to be”. I think Rife is spot on with this. You have to be the one setting the example for the kids.  A personal  goal I have for this next year is to just become a better writer .Also be able to read something and  understand what’s going on better and what it means.


  1. I think that if every child had a teacher like Rafe, that their would be more children interested in school, I know that I probably would have been more interested in school. I like your goal, my goal was to basically be able to get enough scholarships to not need a loan for next year.

  2. It also made me think back to my elementary days where my teachers had big influences on how I am today. These kids are lucky to have such a good school environment and such a great, inspirational teacher. Rife's hand on teaching was a teaching method i liked most about his teaching also, allowing the kids to be more involved.


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