Monday, October 1, 2012

Chapter 17 Esperanza

     The theme in chapter 17 to me was the ever changing  personalities of children. We are introduced to Esperanza in this chapter. She is a young girl in Pineapples class that is shy and very quiet. She goes to Jonathan and asks is she can tell him something alone. At first she tells him that she doesn't know who her father is and that he lives in Florida. She finally tells him that she know his name is Alejandro. Esperanza also tells Jonathan that she doesn't like her step-father. She only tells him one certain thing at a time then goes back to change her story.

     I had the quote from Jonathan "Some children who have troubles in their heart don't talk a lot at first, but when they finally do, he things they say can be beautiful." I think he is revering to Esperanza. She has a troubled life. she reveled that she had to move away from her real father and that her step-father makes her cook and do things for him.


  1. I like the quote you chose. I wasn't especially fond of this chapter but the quote you picked is one that caught my attention also. I think your theme is correct too. I also think that Esperanza's decision to change to talk to Jonathan and then to not talk to him again was out of shyness.

  2. Very good quote. I had this quote also as one to remember because this explained Esperanza very well. Esperanza at first is a quiet child that no one knows much about. She later then tells Kozol just about everything in her personal life. When Esperanza tells about how she makes pancakes and she goes into great detail was beautiful.

  3. I agree kids are shy at first but after talking to them they begin to oepn up more and reveal more about themselves.


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