Monday, October 8, 2012

Journal 6

Watching this film made me feel like children learn easier being handed difficult topics.  It's easier for them to understand it when they are younger than it is when they are older.  I thought it was interesting how he talked to the children and everything he said, the children understood him.  And how you might have to sacrifice something you love like T.V to reach your goals.  Then pedagogical methods he used that I like the best was the money system and baseball.  With the money system it showed that in the real world it is very important to manage your money and nothing is ever given to you, you have to work hard in life and by doing that you will get rewarded.  With the baseball game it is an American sport, and since most of these children are Asian and Latinos, it makes them feel like they belong here and helps them with team work, encouragement, and opportunity.  He used music in the learning system. He said," Music Helps the children with their reading and math skills." He wants all of his students to do well and I really think the music does help because when I listen to music while doing homework I feel like i remember more.

 A personal goal I have for next year is to work hard in all my classes and do well and not disappoint my parents.  I feel like my parents have very high expectations for me and if I do poorly in at least one class, not only am I letting myself down, but I'm letting my parents down.


  1. I liked how he used baseball and music too. I think that he really does care about all his kids and he wants to make a difference in their lives. I really liked that he was trying to make the children feel more american because sometimes being different and having other people tell you how weird you are because of how you are or your race can really hurt, but it's on a totally different level when you don't feel that you belong. I have a pretty similar goal as you, and I totally understand not disappointing your parents, I feel bad enough when I don't do something well but when my parents find out and they get that disappointed tone in their voice its really hard to take.

  2. I also have the same goal, I hate letting down my parents so I'm going to work hard and hopefully not disappoint them.


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