Monday, September 24, 2012


The influence that  this violence has on children is bad. young kids learn from others and if they see older adults or even kids doing it then the children will think it is ok for them to do it and not half to worry about anything. especially when the kids are fighting over something stupid like money or girls or because you live blocks in the wrong direction. the violence is putting a hurt on the kids and the neighborhood. I believe the tactice that these interrupters are doing is great especially since there people who did bad things in life and are trying to teach them and keep the kids out of danger. i think that since there taking there own time in helping them and trying to fix these bad neighborhoods and the kids who keep getting in trouble and missing school and just trying to put there life back on track. So i am glad to see people trying to stop all this violence. i believe these people are positive rold models fro these kids because these peple went through the same thing as these kids are going through now and the kids may think well if he can change and be a better person maybe i can to. so i consider the interruptors to be a positive role model.

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