Monday, September 10, 2012

My first post

My name is Danielle Breidenbach. I have two female cats named Phillip and Pete, a male cat named Romeo, and two dogs named Shelly and Luna. I graduated high school last year. I have a little brother. My license picture is beyond embarrassing. I love flowers, my major is landscaping architecture. My favorite tv show would be either Vampire Diaries or The Mentalist. I enjoy all genres of music from country to metal.

I think what hurts elementary school children the most would be their attention spans and their home environment.The children's attentions span is a barrier because if they can't concentrate to do their work or pay attention to the teacher, they don't learn as much. My little brothers had a really rough time in elementary school because he never remembered that he had homework or schoolwork to do. Instead of doing his school work like he should have he spent his time tying his shoes together or irritating his friends. A child's home environment is a big problem because if the child is violent, it may be because someone in his family is violent. If the child is loud and isn't concerned with anything it may be because that is the way someone at home is. One of the biggest influences in a child's life, I think, would be how an older sibling acts.


  1. My first license came with the middle name José, it took them 2 weeks to figure out that im not José

  2. I definitely agree with this. The childs environment at home has a huge influence on how they act at school. If they're around hard workers and people that are really dedicated at home, then they will be more willing to do their best at school. If that's not the case, children can really suffer at school and not ever be motivated to do their work. The people they look up to influences them more than they know, so it's important that they have a good home environemnt.

  3. I agree. Children act they way they do based on their home life. When you have parents that don't care about their child's education, they don't think they should either. Having an older sibling to set an example is excellent to have.

  4. I agree with that. Children at that young of an age think of school as more an annoyance because they do not want to have to stay inside all day and learn math and other subjects that are hard to grasp.


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