Monday, September 24, 2012

The Interrupters

I thought that documentary was so powerful, and hard to even watch at some points. Seeing what truly goes on in cities like that is absolutely heart breaking. I thought I understood the amount of violence there was, but I was nowhere close.

The quote that really stuck out to me in the film is when Eddie was talking about the shootings the night after the young teenager got shot, "Within 30 hours, there was seven shootings". That just blew my mind. There aren't shootings where I'm from, ever. I can't even imagine being surrounded by that daily. The negative effect of children seeing that kind of violence daily is overpowering to even think about. But the fact That the Interrupters are doing what they are to try to stop the violence gives me a little hope for cities like that.

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  1. There is really a lot more violence than any of us think who haven't experienced anything like what these kids do. That quote stuck out to me also. Its hard to even imagine all the emotion and sadness of 7 different families, in one neighborhood, at the same time.


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