Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome, and notes on using the blog

Hello students, and welcome to the blog.

In the upper right hand corner, if you are signed in correctly, you will see your gmail address.

If signed in, you will see New Post, and if you click this you will be able to post to the blog.

You will also see a pencil below the posts, and that is how you can revise your own writing and repost it.

You will also see a Comments link, so that you can reply to different writers on the blog.

We will practice all these features as we get used to using this blog.

Now, let's just do a short post today to get used to the blog.

First, introduce yourself a little bit so we know who you are.

Next, write your answer to this question:

What do you think is one big obstacle to learning that children face now when they are elementary school age?  You can use personal experience or opinion, of course. 

Post your answer to our post as a New Post, and then comment on two other pieces of writing before you leave today.

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