Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Interrupters

While watching this documentary, I was blown away by just how violent people could be.  I have never seen anything like that or known anyone who's been in a situation like that, so it was definitely an eye opener for me.  Watching, I noticed that even the young kids were getting involved and were being violent, which made me realize that they believe they have to fight to survive.  It really is sad to think thats your only way for survival, but they don't know any other way, and watching their older siblings or role models has a big influence on how they're going to act in certain situations.  The interrupters are definitely positive role models for these people because they make them think about their actions before they do anything.  They make them see that there are other ways to go about handling situations and have also prevented many killings/fights.  One of my quotes was said by Tio Hardiman, "violence is learned behavior."  I liked that quote because it just goes to show that older people really are a big influence on the younger generation and that violence is just second nature to them.

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  1. Ilike the quote you picked because Tio is right. I too think its a learned behavior. Children become who they are by seeing how others act around them.


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