Monday, November 5, 2012

The Lottery

I was really shocked after watching the The Lottery and seeing how such a major part of the community didn't want Harlem Success Academy to open up in the old PS 194 building. What didn't really make sense to me was how all of these children and parents were so against it when PS 194 was already being shut down due to poor performance. Seeing the quality of the teachers in Harlem Success Academy really made me realize the positive outcome of these charter schools. In the film, they said 100% of their students pass the the standardized tests. That's such a big percentage compared to those of the public schools in the area. Harlem Success Academy's main focus is not for them to pass the standardized tests; it's for them to graduate college. I noticed in one of the classrooms at Harlem Success Academy there was a "Class of 2024" sign. That's the year those students will be graduating college, not high school. It just shows how much they really are focused on the children's futures.


  1. I also questioned why the parents were getting so upset when PS 194 was getting shut down. With only have 20-30% graduation rate, I know I wouldn't want my child to go there.

  2. I believe that the schools goal should be to prepare you for college not just for graduation


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