Monday, November 5, 2012

The Lottery

The Lottery is a film about the school system in Harlem.The most interesting point in the film to me was the opposition  the Harlem success society was receiving from the school board and the people in the community around the public schools. most of the people around public school were mad because it was being shut down and the Harlem success society wanted to open it up for a charter school. They did not like that idea because it would make them have to go further to take their children to another school. The biggest feeling i have towards this movie is that i want the best education for my children. I think that all schools should be paid per student that graduates not per child that attends. I also believe that if your a poor teacher you should be fired. My quote from this movie is "58% of black 4th graders are functional illiterate". Those are unacceptable statistics for any school and it should motivate the city to better their school system.

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