Monday, November 5, 2012

The Lottery

This documentary was a real opener, but it wasn't really suprising.  What really caught my eye was that the community didn't want the charter schools in their neighborhood.  Seeing how much success the charter sschools were having couldn't make me question why they wouldn't want their child to be that successful. From reading Ordinary Ressurections, and wathing the film The Interrupters, all of these people in both sources would give anything to go to a great school.  I was really suprised how many schools were being shut down.  Eva Moskowitz said,  "It's wrong to keep open failed schools,"  but people argue that the schools shouldn't be shut down they should be fixed.  I really liked that some of the parents work extra hard at home to help prepare their child for this school.  My favorite quote was " Street smarts have never gotten anyone anywher, but prison, so why is it good to have street smarts?"  I liked this because it really made me think that its the truth.

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  1. What i seen in the film also was expected because of what we have read. I do agree though with shutting down the failed schools because fixing them usually results in too much money and can be a waste of time.


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