Monday, November 5, 2012

The Lottery Film

This film was interesting to me because it was not just the parents who was concerned about furthering their childs education, the child was also determined to learn. A lot of children were upset if they didn't get accepted to a school like Harlem Success. I thought it was disappointing how someone had mentioned that they would look at young boys only in the fourth or fifth to determine how many jail cells their gonna need in the future. Another scence that made me upset would be when a man mentioned in 1988 when he taught in that poor neighborhood the school didnt have windows because they were broken and they did not have enough funds to replace them. This man was emotionally upset when he was explaining the way the school was.
A few quotes stood out to me because they were statements made from expercienced adults within that Harlem community. One of which was "The problem is not the students, the problem is not the parents, the problem is the school system.." I caught another quote from a young woman trying to teach her fifth grade class and follow requirements but it is hard for her to reach those requirements when more than half of her class is reading below grade level 2. She says the administrators make it hard for her A man named Karl mentions, "I get emotional when I think about what these children could have" A I think that explains the whole film. The community is working together now to start helping better these students education.

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  1. I think your quote is important also. The school structure does need to be revamped


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